Frank Sinatra - The Hits (180g) winyl

Frank Sinatra - The Hits (180g) winyl Frank Sinatra - The Hits (180g) winyl
Frank Sinatra - The Hits (180g) winyl
Producent: New Continent
Wysyłka: 14 dni robocze
Kod produktu:988
Cena: 89,00 zł

Płyta winylowa wydana przez New Continent.

  1. 1The Lady Is a Tramp (From "The Lady Is A Tramp" (Ep))
  2. 2Witchcraft [From "All The Way"]
  3. 3I've Got The World On A String [From "This Is Sinatra!"]
  4. 4Don'cha Go 'Way Mad [From "Sinatra And Swingin' Brass"]
  5. 5Night And Day [From "A Swingin' Affair!"]
  6. 6All The Way [From "All The Way"]
  7. 7.I Love Paris [From "Sinatra Sings Of Love And Things"]
  8. 8Oh! Look At Me Now [From "A Swingin' Affair!"]
  9. 9Young At Heart (From "Young At Heart" (Ep))
  10. 10One For My Baby (From "Only The Lonely")
  11. 11I've Got You Under My Skin [From "Songs For Swingin' Lovers!"]
  12. 12Nice 'N' Easy [From "Nice 'N' Easy"]
  13. 13Not As A Stranger (From "Look To Your Heart")
  14. 14Come Fly With Me [From "Come Fly With Me"]
  15. 15I Get A Kick Out Of You [From "Songs For Young Lovers"]
  16. 16How Little We Know [From "This Is Sinatra! Vol.2"]
  17. 17At Long Last Love [From "A Swingin' Affair!"]
  18. 18I Wish I Were In Love Again [From "A Swingin' Affair!"]
  19. 19In The Still Of The Night [From "Ring-A-Ding Ding!"]
  20. 20In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning [From "In The Wee Small Hours"]

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